Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Violent Arrest - Criminal Record

Violent Arrest
Criminal Record
Grave Mistake/No Way

by Jason from Deadthyme

These guys must love the 7" format since they released Criminal Record as a double EP, instead of a 12" or something. Anyway, this is Violent Arrest's third release; the others being another 7" and a 12" EP. Violent Arrest has a pretty awesome history. It's two guys from Heresy and one guy (the singer) from Ripcord. They pretty much sound like Heresy with Ripcord's singer, which is excellent.

This is the kind of hardcore I love. Going all the way back to D.R.I.'s 1981 Dirty Rotten EP/LP to now, no one has really improved on the sound, but there have been no shortage of bands who love to belt out this kind of honest, fast thrashin' punk and hardcore. Violent Arrest have been doing this for a long time and it shows, with a tightness to the playing that a lot of hardcore bands don't have. Good stuff indeed.

Violent Arrest - Criminal Record

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No Funeral said...

Wow, I've fallen in love with Violent Arrest. Criminal Record is one hate-filled EP. All the pit ninjas at Java Jazz (and similar places all over the world) should DL this EP and get a taste of what real hardcore actually is.

Jason from Deadthyme hits another home run.