Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sinai Beach – Immersed

Sinai Beach

Riverside, Calif.’s Sinai Beach made a healthy splash in the Christian metalcore circuit during the course of this decade. Originally a Facedown Records scene-band, Sinai Beach matured/experimented/grew up into a respectable band. They signed with Victory and released Immersed; a pleasant surprise if slightly rote. Sinai Beach crawled to a stop in 2006 and are now listed a Victory alumnus. Allegedly, they all got married and are doing the family thing. I suppose someone has to.

The intro track “Apocalypse” gives a healthy taste of what’s to come: pit-friendly metalcore with industrial tinges. Christian bands have never bothered me. I’m a Christian and, as a listener, I mostly pay attention to the music anyway. A band’s beliefs don’t bother me unless they’re patently outrageous or obnoxious. With Sinai Beach, this is largely personal. Musically, I dig that Immersed sounds like Bleeding Through and later The Haunted. I will admit that the keyboards sound tacked on. I wish the band had spent more time artfully incorporating them into the music.

Sinai Beach - Immersed


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