Monday, April 13, 2009

Slab! – Descension


You love Godflesh and so do I. If you don’t love Godflesh, you probably meant to click here. Now then, for as much as we all love Godflesh, Justin Broadrick loves Slab! Descension is one of the first appearances of that down-tuned, apocalyptic bass tone that Godflesh made famous. After listen to Descension, it’s abundantly clear how much of an influence Slab! was on Godflesh.

Slab! was a group of veteran musicians from England’s dance/techno scene who strived to create more musically ambitious electronic music. The result was what we now refer to as industrial music. Slab! combined dance loops and programmed drums with the afore-mentioned bass tone, David Gahan-style vocals and feedback-laden guitars.

Originally released on Ink Records in 1987, Descension was and still is a touchstone industrial album. We’d be here all day if I listed all of the bands and artists influenced by Slab! In fact, two of Slab!’s more enthusiastic fans, Relapse Records founders Matt Jacobson and Bill Yurkiewicz, coordinated the reissue of this classic LP. Speaking of which, go to the Relapse website and order a copy of this CD, if you dig it. They're selling them super-cheap. In addition to the Descension LP, this CD features the “People Pie”/”Railroad” single as bonus tracks. This is highly recommended for all fans of electronic music.

Slab! – Descension


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thanks for this... mind you we werent veteran techno artists when we made it .... bit veteran now maybe ha!!...