Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insect Warfare – World Extermination

Insect Warfare
World Extermination
625 Thrash

You fuckers want extremity? This is the most extreme album ever made. World Extermination is the best grind album ever made. Rahi is not here to take your shit and Beau will decapitate you with his guitar. Dobber (ex-Viral Load) plays all of the killer, death metal double-bass parts that the other guy couldn’t do or was unwilling to do.

No Funeral readers know that Insect Warfare is one of my favorite bands; up there with Metallica and Acid Bath. World Extermination is the perfect musical document, capturing the best thing to happen to Houston since Dead Horse and oil. Why aren’t you downloading this yet? You can read and click at the same time. Insect Warfare is the only band that is any fucking good, when you really get down to it. Evolved into Obliteration!

Insect Warfare – World Extermination



Axel Sikth said...


Anonymous said...

i fin this album and Insect Warfare in general super boring and i LOVE grind.. best grind album ever? i think not

No Funeral said...

Okay, you don't like the band. That's fine. What I don't get is how Insect Warfare is boring? Everything on this album (drums, guitars, vocals, lyrics, artwork, etc...) are all well planned and executed. The aesthetics match the intensity of the music and World Extermination makes a grand artistic statement about modern life. What's boring here?

Anonymous said...

its boring cos it makes me feel absolutely nothing. The artwork is amazing though and i wanted to like this record and i tried i spun it a lot and the end result was always "meh" same goes for the other releases

Anonymous said...

love it pure fucking brutality