Friday, April 3, 2009

Mastodon – Lifesblood


From Georgia weirdoes to mainstream (?) rockers, Mastodon’s Relapse debut Lifesblood doesn’t sound drastically different from the band on the new Guitar Hero game. Am I accusing this band of selling out? Absolutely not. I am, however, having difficulty pinpointing why and how Lifesblood has an edge that Crack the Skye does not. Or does it?

“Battle at Sea” is a complicated, passionate, lengthy song, not all that different from “The Czar” off of Crack the Skye. Mastodon is progressing as a band and nothing, then or now, sounds forced. I’m sure the larger budget provided by Warner Bros. makes a difference but this band isn’t the product of studio tricks. Mastodon is just a solid band and always has been. If only I could enjoy the new and old stuff from all bands. Who cares if these dudes have played on Conan O’Brien? I don’t. I bet NBC has a killer deli tray. They deserve it.

Mastodon – Lifesblood


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