Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross Stitched Eyes - Coranach

Cross Stitched Eyes
Alternative Tentacles

by Jason from Deadthyme

This is dark, metallic hardcore very close to Rudimentary Peni (mainly the Death Church-era Peni); however with influences ranging from death rock (bands like Samhain and even Joy Division, paticularly on Become Earth) to C.R.A.S.S. style anarcho-punk (like the schizophrenic sounding 'Suffer', as well as some of the tribal-rhythm sounding drums). This is the third Cross Stitched Eyes release, following 2 EPs, and it features eight songs from their past releases, plus six new songs, which are mixed together and blend seemlessly with one another.

Cross Stitched Eyes features an ex-member of Zygote, the band who formed from the ashes of Amebix. However, the member who went on to form Cross Stitched Eyes was the only Zygote member who was not in Amebix. You can hear some remants of that bands sound in the jagged guitar lines and gruff vocals. Most of the music on Coranach is fairly simple, but seeped in atmosphere with a dreary production that I quite like (and is a nice contrast to all the bands who use Pro-Tools, which make every new metal band's guitars sound the same).

The Coranach LP, which comes with a CD of the album as well, is out on Alternative Tentacles records, who also just re-issued Amebix's first 3 EPs on CD. Label founder Jello Biafra says, "No one has done these styles this well in as long as I can remember, plus they add more!"

Jason Beck produces and DJs the Deadthyme counter-culture music show. Listen to Deadthyme from 2:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. every Monday morning on KPFT 90.1 fm in Houston (and online).

Editor's Note: Due to several technological factors converging at once, the Coranach LP isn't quite ready yet. I will notify everyone as soon as the corrected link is posted. In the meantime, please enjoy Cross Stitched Eyes first EP 1. Check back at the No Funeral Twitter page (which you should have joined already) for the Coranach link, when its posted.
- Brian No Funeral

Cross Stitched Eyes - 1


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