Friday, April 24, 2009

Hatebreed – For the Lions

For the Lions
E1 Music

Cover song albums are a tricky lot. Sometimes, as with Napalm Death’s two Leaders not Followers records, they are a righteous insight to how a band’s sound evolved into existence. At other times, they can be ambitious failures (Slayer’s Undisputed Attitude) or colossal misfires (The Spaghetti Incident). With For the Lions, Hatebreed achieves a 70/30 split in favor of righteous.

Hatebreed’s, ahem, creative take on Slayer’s “Ghost of War” is counterbalanced by the band’s enjoyable version of “Suicidal Maniac.” Hatebreed truly shines when they cover Metallica, Black Flag and Obituary. It’s no coincidence that the best songs by the best bands are going to sound better than the others. Conversely, "Your Mistake" is kind of lame, but Agnostic Front is kind of lame. Hatebreed's versions of “All I Had I Gave” by Crowbar and Madball’s “Set It Off” are the most passionate performances on this collection. This is no cynical cash grab. For the Lions is Hatebreed’s salute to metal and hardcore’s class acts from the last 20 years.

Hatebreed – For the Lions

EDIT: Yeah, so someone on Hatebreed's street team (or something) threw a fit and e-mailed the band's lawyer, yadda, yadda, yadda, the link is gone. I didn't throw a fit because I honor all requests for link removal. However, I do think this is beyond ridiculous. If Korn doesn't care, why should Hatebreed? Hatebreed has now joined the ranks of Landmine Marathon and whoever controls Chuck Schulinder's estate as the only people who have complained out of 230+ records posted this year. I'm doing what they asked, but I don't have to like it. The old Hatebreed must have died with Lou Boulder.

EDIT 2: Jamie, you have nothing better to do than harass my friends into giving you my phone number? Really? How old are you?


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