Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Autopsy - Horrific Obsession

Horrific Obsession

by Jason from Deadthyme

Holy shit, they're back (briefly)! It's very hard for me to say what my favorite album is in any form of music but, in death metal, Autopsy's Severed Survival would definitely be in my Top 5. To commemorate the 20th anniversary (whoa!) of the release of that album (released in Jan. 1989), most of the original guys got together and recorded two new songs. They make a big point of saying that this is not a reunion; no shows or anything else. You just get two new tracks to celebrate the release of a classic.

And how are they? Well, they said that they tried to get back into the mindset they were in when they recorded that album (which evidently comprised mostly of lots of dope and gore flicks) so they could recreate the sound. However, both tracks make me think a lot more of the songs off their second album Mental Funeral (which is also an excellent album, though I still like Severed Survival better). Steve DiGorgio's bass is missed, but the songs are still the sick, twisted death metal Autopsy excelled at. The band's sound is pretty unique; you can tell Autopsy from all the generic death metal bands that are out there. The title track is the standout with the B side "Feast of the Graveworm" sounding like a B side; though it's still pretty good.

Horrific Obsession is also available on the two-disc re-release of Severed Survival that just came out. The reissue also features tons of outakes, live songs, rehersals, and, best of all, some earlier versions of songs that later appeared on Mental Funeral. The Horrific Obsession 7" is limited to 1,000 copies.

Autopsy - Horrific Obsession

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