Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cursed – Two


The end of 2009 means the end of this decade, which means an endless parade of decade’s-best lists is coming (and soon). It’s not too early to start thinking this way. What were the best albums of this decade? No Funeral’s list won’t be published until December but, I assure you, Cursed’s Two will be on that list.

Cursed is this decade’s best hardcore band and its influence hasn’t really been felt yet. You watch. In 10 years time, Cursed will be revered in the same way as At The Gates. The band's entire discography is nothing short of stellar but Two is the jewel in the crown. Kingston, Ontario’s CFRC used to play the hell out of “Reparations” back when I lived in Upstate New York. My favorite song on the record is “Hell Comes Home”, a scathing indictment of the Iraq War. Two redefines intense. Cursed redefines hardcore. This band will be missed. This album is a must-have.

Cursed – Two


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