Monday, April 13, 2009

Coalesce – Give Them Rope

Give Them Rope

Coalesce’s 1997 LP Give Them Rope, released on the uniquely-run Edison Recordings, stands as a testament of opposition. Coalesce opposed mostly everything but the band had a particular disdain for conformity (like that’s changed since they reunited, again). They were in a terrific mood during the process of writing, recording and releasing Give Them Rope. The abrasiveness of this album is like taking a cheese-grater to your junk.

Regular readers are probably aware that Coalesce is a No Funeral favorite. This band’s music not only deconstructs hardcore but it challenges the definition of what a song is. Coalesce plays as tight as any group of pseudo-intellectual, progressive musicians but they don’t forget that people came to the show to dance down. Name a band besides Coalesce that can create and destroy at the same. E-mail me when you can name one. In the meantime, you need Give Them Rope.

Coalesce – Give Them Rope


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