Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nuclear Death – Bride of Insect/Carrion for Worm

Nuclear Death
Bride of Insect/Carrion for Worm

When I listen to Nuclear Death, I hear grind or at least grind tendencies. I think what I’m actually hearing is the bands who count Nuclear Death as an influence. Nuclear Death itself plays grimy, filthy death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Impetigo but played just a hair faster. This is one of the rare 80s death metal bands that had a female singer, Lori Bravo. Bravo did not play the role Sean Yseult did in White Zombie. In addition to singing, Bravo played bass and was the chief lyricist.

The two LPs that comprise this CD were originally released on the much-maligned Wild Rags Records. For those that don’t know, Wild Rags was the shadiest record label ever. Richard C, owner of Wild Rags, pulled every scam you can think of and then he invented a few. Anyway, of the two LPs, Bride of Insect sounds the most like a grind record but Carrion for Worm is the more extreme album. Lyrically, Lori Bravo goes in some weird directions on Carrion for Worm. You can’t go wrong with either and you get them both anyway. Highly recommended.

Nuclear Death – Bride of Insect/Carrion for Worm


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