Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meshuggah – Nothing

Nuclear Blast

Meshuggah has become stranger and stranger ever since the release of the 1995 landmark album Destroy, Erase, Improve. Somewhere between then and 2002, when Nothing was released, the band stopped sounding like Pantera but everyone else started sounding like Meshuggah. In an effort to stay ahead of its imitators, Meshuggah keeps getting weirder with every album.

Since they are one of the most respected bands in metal, the audience keeps faithfully bobbing and weaving along side Meshuggah. Not since early Metallica has the metal public placed this much faith in a band. I know that I’m having trouble describing exactly why Nothing rules so much. I do know that Meshuggah keeps getting weirder without disappointment and that lesser bands keep ripping them off. They are doing something right.

Meshuggah – Nothing


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