Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Life Once Lost – Hunter

A Life Once Lost

I’ve owned Hunter for about three years now (mine is the deluxe edition with the DVD) and A Life Once Lost's odd syncopations on this album still throw me for a loop. Similarly, drummer Justin Graves plays like a maniac. Hunter’s Rob Caggiano/Scrap 60 production is very slick and a bit much at times. Still, that’s a minor complaint about an otherwise solid album. What’s cool is that Hunter is a very heavy record that hardly has any mosh riffs. The record doesn’t seem to swing in that direction. I like “Needle Man” a lot. It reminds me of Pantera, in a good way. I also like the lead playing. It reminds me of Botch and, in some spots, Snapcase.

Do scene kids still care about A Life Once Lost? Probably not. That was the big turn-off for me with this band back then which, in retrospect, was silly. A Life Once Lost is a killer metalcore band that treads in Lamb of God/Meshuggah territory. That works for me and I’m left wondering why I didn’t get into this band before Hunter.

A Life Once Lost – Hunter


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DC said...

My favorite aspect of the record and this band is that they are able create such a heavy sound without resorting to the typical mosh riff. Great album, great band, great job!