Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earth Crisis – To The Death

Earth Crisis
To The Death
Century Media

Earth Crisis, the straightedge metalcore kingpins of Syracuse, returns after a sort of eight-year-long break and delivers a powerful album in To The Death. Like Metallica’s Death Magnetic, To The Death is the record that should have come out years ago; after Gomorrah’s Season Ends. It sounds enough like the pre-Breed the Killers stuff to get all the 30-year-olds psyched about dancing down, but this is no trip down memory lane. Earth Crisis delivers crucial, well-written metalcore-with-a-message that immediately rises to the top of the heap, legacy or not. Yes, To The Death is actually that good.

Earth Crisis’s musical growth is no shock. After all, they never exactly went away. Plus, while we’re on the subject, the attacks on Earth Crisis’s talent and musical ability back in the 90s were totally unfounded. These guys have always been good. Do you not realize how awesome Destroy the Machines actually is? These guys can play their asses off and, if you don’t dig mosh metal, maybe you should just keep on trucking.

With all of my gushing about the old Earth Crisis material, it should be noted that the Breed the Killers line-up recorded To The Death; considering how Kris Weichmann broke edge, joined Brand New Sin and whatnot.

To The Death isn’t a retro album but, instead, is an album dragging the old-school values into the 21st century. There are moments on the record that sound like Hatebreed’s Perseverance and there are moments that sound like Ceremony/Bitter End style modern hardcore; not to mention To The Death sounds like the old Earth Crisis albums. Whether you’re a plug-sportin’, flat-brimmed-hat new jack or a brittle-boned old fuck, To The Death can, should and will be enjoyed by everyone.

Houstonians! Earth Crisis is coming to Java Jazz on May 22nd with Walls of Jericho, Reign Supreme and Unholy. Other cities, you’re going to have to check online for your tour dates because DC the Medic and I are going to this one. See you there, Houston weirdoes!

Earth Crisis – To The Death


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