Friday, April 3, 2009

Exit 13 – Don’t Spare the Green Love

Exit 13
Don’t Spare the Green Love

If nothing else, Exit 13 can lay claim to coining the phrase “unique-smoking grind rock extremists”, for whatever that’s worth. That’s what the sticker says on my copy of Don’t Spare the Green Love. This was just the beginning of Relapse’s love affair with obnoxious, album-art-covering CD stickers. Remember those giant stickers on the Atheist reissues? I suppose this is a small gripe but, still, wasn’t it avoidable?

Exit 13 was a legendary Pennsylvania grind band. Relapse Records co-founder Bill Yurkiewicz was the vocalist/lyricist and Brutal Truth’s Danny Lilker frequently engineered the band’s records. Don’t Spare the Green Love compiles Exit 13’s EPs, Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth, Green is Good, and The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup on to CD for the first time. Exit 13 wasn’t just a mindless blast type of grind band. They incorporated a serious jam band influence into their grind, along side tons of SST/Nirvana-style riffs. You can also find sludge, funk groove and Spanish classical guitar on this CD. Modern bands, like The Red Chord and Cephalic Carnage, definitely inherited their open-minded takes on the genre from Exit 13. Grind purists shouldn't sweat. Don't Spare the Green Love has all the blastbeat headfuckery of any Assuck album. You’re going to want this one.

Exit 13 – Don’t Spare the Green Love


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