Monday, April 13, 2009

The End – Within Dividia

The End
Within Dividia

The End is a hyper-technical metalcore band from Ontario. The band is frequently and undeservedly lumped into the category of early 2000s, East Coast metalcore. There is so much more going on with The End. Yes, the obvious comparison is the Dillinger Escape Plan and there’s a ton of Botch in their sound but this band is not blindly following, nor regurgitating, any trends.

Within Dividia is a concept album about a haunted mansion. As stated before, I don’t fear concept albums and usually enjoy those that are meaningful and well-planned. Musically, Within Dividia has Rorschach-style, discordant hardcore played at blinding speed with unpredictable twists and turns. You actually have to sit down and pay attention to this one. I encourage you to track down a copy of this CD/LP because you really need the artwork and lyrics to truly enjoy the experience. The End put a lot of time and energy into Within Dividia and you, the listener, are rewarded for their hard work. Highly recommended.

The End – Within Dividia


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