Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bill Hicks- Dangerous

Bill Hicks
Ryko Disc

Here’s more genius from the Bayou City Prophet Bill Hicks. On Dangerous, Hicks gets REAL on everybody. Nowhere else will you hear a pro-smoking rant this passionate or convincing. Hicks let’s MTV have it on “I Love my Job.” Reagan, flag-burning-as-a-smokescreen and advertising (and tons of others) get broken-off by Hicks. You’re going to love his take on the drug war.

Dangerous features many of the jokes that Dennis Leary would later (allegedly) steal, often word-for-word. This is sort of unrelated but not really. Anyway, Lewis Black can suck it. Mr. Yale Drama School has been ripping of Hicks for over a decade. You want reality? This is as real as it gets.

Bill Hicks – Dangerous


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Anonymous said...

No Shit!!! Dennis Leary is another freaking theif in the night of Bill Hicks' material. I hate Lewis Black too. His spots on the Daily Show weren't bad, but his stand up sucks serious ass!!!

Chris Spann