Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bill Hicks – Arizona Bay

Bill Hicks
Arizona Bay
Ryko Disc

Houstonian Bill Hicks, America’s most unsung comedian, perfected the art of verbal evisceration. Ass clowns like Dennis Leary and Lewis Black became rich celebrities while Bill Hicks died young. That’s America for you. Bill Hicks is the Black Flag of comedy: disrespected by the industry but an influential tastemaker. All these false-ass comedians running around with their bullshit righteous-indignation aren’t fit to plug in Bill Hicks’ microphone.

In addition to his legendary stand material, Arizona Bay features Bill Hicks’ musical side. Along with engineer and friend Kevin Booth, Bill Hicks recorded some pretty cool mellow rock that bookends the comedy. His music is heavily influenced the 60s jam bands. Of course, the comedy is why we all came here. Bill Hicks gets real on California, Rodney King, Iraq, video games and much more. This is mandatory. This kills everything on Comedy Central.

Bill Hicks – Arizona Bay


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