Monday, April 13, 2009

Dismember – Indecent & Obscene

Indecent & Obscene
Nuclear Blast

Here’s more death metal from the most metal country of Earth: Sweden! Dismember formed from the ashes of Carnage and, along side Entombed, is the marquee Swedish Death Metal band. Dismember is from Stockholm which, unlike Gothenburg, produces bands with a serious garage-rock feel. Imagine a lower-budget Motorhead obsessed with early Slayer LP and gore movies. This is an accurate description of the Dismember experience.

Like Entombed, Dismember features the buzz-saw guitar tone. If you dig modern bands that use this guitar tone, like Cursed and Trap Them, then you’re going to love Dismember. Lyrically, Indecent & Obscene deals with censorship and the aftermath of Dismember’s global battles with censorship following the release of the Pieces EP; plus the usual death metal topics. Drummer Fred Estby and bassist Richard Cabeza produce one of music’s most devastating rhythm sections while lead guitarist David Blomqvist causes major sensory damage with his playing.

Who am I kidding? You all stopped reading after the first sentence. Indecent & Obscene rules. This is Dismember’s best album. All hail Swedish Death Metal!

Dismember – Indecent & Obscene



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stockholm > gothenburg

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