Sunday, April 12, 2009

Candiria – The Process of Self-Development

The Process of Self-Development

Candiria became the band that we all know and love on The Process of Self-Development. This is the record where Candiria started playing around with jazz, rap and prog-rock. That love affair hasn’t stopped, especially since they’ve reunited. Christian from Ill Nino and Jamie from Hatebreed do guest vocals on “Mathematics” and “Work in Progress” respectively.

For as heavy as this album is and for all of its diversity of influences, The Process of Self-Development barely dips its toe into the metal pool. Like Rage Against the Machine before them, Candiria goes out its way to make sure that everyone knows no samples or triggers were used on this album. I appreciate the sentiment but I don’t think that people need to act like Luddites. Do what works for you.

Candiria – The Process of Self-Development



Mano said...


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Wisest Owl said...
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Wisest Owl said...

About Candiria and whats written on the Process of Self-Development section I have to Inform you of the correct information, becuse some people who see it go on thinking this is true. First, Candiria was always including jazz since Surrealistic Madness and earlier, In the 95 release they have a song Observing Highways which when they Re-issued SM it was replaced by "Chaos in the middle of..." but many songs have some jazz bits but the next Cd Beyond Reasonable doubt (Coma Imprint Is A Reissue for the most part)That is the most Jazz infused cd of any candiria album! second, Christian of Ill Nino is not on Mathematics, or any candiria. Thats my homeboy Jorge Rosado of Merauder. He is Singing in spanish. He says Ill nino because he was the original singer at the time and founding member of Ill Nino, but quit and for very good reasons. Jaime of Hatebreed is not on Mathematics either, but he is on the next song, Work In Progress, with Irate's front man on it as well. PLEASE FIX THIS! Please make sure your info is correct before you post. Nobody should get credit for what they didnt contribute to. Thanks