Monday, December 29, 2008

Mike Fury's Year in Review

No Funeral recently chatted (by e-mail) with the man of a million bands, Mike Fury. He reflects back on 2008 and reveals his plans for the coming year. Enjoy!

No Funeral: Will to Live played their final show this year. How do you feel about the legacy of the band and its place in history?

Mike Fury: Me personally, I definitely feel that Will To Live made an impact on people and bands across the nation and worldwide as well. Being a band for 10 years, I know WTL's music touched people from all over the globe. Having kids come up to us at shows, receiving emails from fans around the world; telling us how our music and words helped them in their lives, that's pretty deep! I'll tell you though, Rob To Live's lyrics are real, no bullshit! To be completely honest with you, I wish Will To Live was still a band doing the damn thing and had the chance to see the rest of the world but I feel like we went out with a bang and ended it off the right way. There were hardcore bands before WTL started but Will To Live most definitely stands as the first real Texas Hardcore band. I mean, the scene we have now is because of Will To Live. Rob started it in Houston and it just spread from there.

No Funeral: You spent (approximately) two months touring Europe with Die Young this year. Any Favorite cities? What cool bands did you get to play shows with over there?

Mike Fury: Hahaha Damn, I loved all the cites we played but, if I have to narrow it down to my favorites, I'd have to say Reykjavik, Iceland - Moscow, Russia - Budapest, Hungary - Helsinki, Finland - Prague, Czech Republic and, of course, Amsterdam, Holland. Shit, I got to smoke weed there, legally. Ha-ha! The cities I mentioned, they were all amazing shows and not only that but the cities were just beautiful. I still can't believe I went to all those places.

As far as bands go, we played with so many bad-ass bands from over there. My personal favorites were Lighthouse Project (Finland), Deathbed (Finland), Gavin Portland (Iceland), What We Feel (Russia), Cobretti (Germany), Sink Or Swim (Germany), In Other Climes (France), Paura (Brazil), Dead Vows (Sweden), Liar (Netherlands), Action (Czech Republic), Plague Mass (Austria), and of course our touring buddies who we toured with for a month straight: Confronto (Brazil). To all of you out there reading this, please check out all these amazing bands!

No Funeral: Indisgust has had past problems with record companies. Any change on that front? Any releases coming out in 2009?

Mike Fury: I'm hoping that 2009 will be a big change for Indisgust. We've been a band for six years and it's time we start making some shit happen. We're not too worried about getting on a record label because of the bullshit we went through. Our main focus is to record a 6 or 7 song EP at the end of Jan/early Feb. If we come across the right people and who really want to help us out then that'll be cool but as of now we're just going to release it ourselves, which I think would be the best thing to do at this time.

No Funeral: What other projects do you have on the horizon? Playing with any other bands?

Mike Fury: Right now, Indisgust is my main band and priority but there'll be a couple of other projects on the way in the coming year. Me and Rob To Live are starting a new band called 'The Weight of Respect' with James Nealy (Ex-Die Young, Your Mistake), Chris Conflict (ex-Pride Kills), and Parrot (Your Mistake). This band is more along the likes of 100 Demons, Blood For Blood, Integrity....really just straight-ahead in your face. Hopefully you'll be seeing something in early 2009.

No Funeral: What was your favorite record that came out in 2008?

Mike Fury: I would have to say Metallica's 'Death Magnetic'. Being a big Metallica fan in all, I was really looking forward to the new release knowing that they were going back to some of their roots. Once I put the cd in the stereo, I couldn't take it out. It feels good to hear them play fast again. So for all you people who gave up on Metallica, take a listen to this album. I guarantee you'll think twice about it!

No Funeral: Any final thoughts?

Mike Fury: Yo, I just wanna give a shoutout to all my friends, family, and GAMC worldwide who have stuck by me in all my endeavors. Expect to see some big things happen in 2009! Check out Indisgust on Myspace for all the latest news, updates, and upcoming shows. I love you all, Mike Fury

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