Friday, April 10, 2009

Darkest Hour – Undoing Ruin

Darkest Hour
Undoing Ruin

Already a big-deal metalcore band, Darkest Hour eclipsed all expectations with Undoing Ruin. How did an already good band get better? They added lead guitarist Kris Norris. Since Undoing Ruin’s release, Norris has been recognized as one of the best lead guitarists in all of rock music. This is the album where he made his name.

I don’t want to attribute all of the band’s success to Norris. As previously mentioned, Darkest Hour was already a good band but Norris was the missing piece that took them from good to great. “Convalescence” was a hit on Headbanger’s Ball; though it’s not like that means what it used to mean. Forget the hits. “This Will Outlive Us” is one of Darkest Hour’s best songs on any album, with any guitarist. If you didn’t dig the band’s past material, now is the time to give them a second chance. Undoing Ruin is head-and-shoulders better than Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation or anything before.

Darkest Hour – Undoing Ruin


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