Friday, April 17, 2009

Terror – One with the Underdogs

One with the Underdogs

Terror was a band in both turmoil and transition during the creation of One with the Underdogs. The entire record was written and arranged by vocalist Scott Vogel, drummer Nick Jett and guitarist Todd Jones, with Jones leaving the band immediately after. After the unprecedented success of Lowest of the Low, with new members in tow and a new deal with the Trustkill label, Terror set out to conquer the hardcore world once again.

In large part, Terror succeeded. One with the Underdogs is filled with bouncy, groove-laden rhythms and tight, deadly riffs. The record’s metal influence isn’t overpowering, but it’s there. My only knock on the album is the rah-rah nature of the lyrics. Am I listening to a hardcore record or am I getting fired up about the district finals against Conroe High? I suppose the whole positive-youth vibe is an extension of hardcore’s love affair with sing-along choruses and chants. In that one, specific way, it makes One with the Underdogs sound typical. Then again, after taking in the album as a finished product and after considering that Terror made a slamming record, the rah-rah B.S. can be easily overlooked.

Terror - One With The Underdogs


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