Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coliseum – No Salvation

No Salvation

The crust-metal, Kentucky weirdoes in Coliseum make their Relapse debut with No Salvation. Before you start thinking Coliseum is a bunch of backwoods hicks like Brody’s Militia, these Kentucky weirdoes are veterans of the Louisville hardcore scene (ex-Black Cross, National Acrobat, etc…). These Southern, libertarian hardcore musicians are quite opinionated; as evidenced in their recent interview with Canada’s Hard Times webzine.

When compared to Coliseum’s early, Level Plane-era releases, No Salvation sounds polished. The record is polished enough to send the Maximum Rock and Roll faithful into fits, but it’s nothing to worry about. No Salvation is a raw-sounding, mostly analog recording without any Pro Tools monkey business. For the uninitiated, Coliseum plays crusty-punk-influenced metalcore in the vein of Trap Them and Cursed. No Salvation is recommended for fans of Cave In, -16- and everything in between.


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Anonymous said...

never really listened to these guys but that interview was pretty awesome