Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ever since hearing the ridiculously-awesome Survivalist LP, ABACABB is mandatory listening for me. I really dig what these guys are doing sound-wise and I just dig it as a fan. As I've explained elsewhere in this blog, the deathcore trend is pretty stupid but some quality bands have emerged from it and ABACABB is one of them. They play doomy nu-metal grind or, in other words, Slipknot meets Napalm Death. Here are the ABACABB demos, all made prior to the band's signing with Sumerian Records.

2004 Demo

ABACABB's 2004 demo is obviously the recording that sounds least like Survivalist, but it features several arching characteristics of the ABACABB sound. The breakdowns, the Fear Factory riffs and the love of the movie PI are all here. However, of the three demos, this one sounds the most like a typical death/grind recording. Fortunately, it doesn't sound like a typical death/grind demo. The sound quality is outstanding.

ABACABB - 2004 Demo

2006 Demo

Both songs from the 2006 Demo, "Devastation and Demise" and "Articulation" appeared on Survivalist. Neither sound drastically different. This is the first appearance of the ABACABB I know and love. It's good to see a young band taking their time to craft the songs.

ABACABB - 2006 Demo

2008 Demo

The 2008 Demo features "Destruction", which is my favorite song on Survivalist, minus the title track "Survivalist." My favorite is definitely one of the two. Anyway, the demo's other song "Regression" also appeared on Survivalist. The time ABACABB spent molding their LP is evident in all of these demo. This is no chump band. I'm very impressed with ABACABB and I can't wait to hear what's next.

ABACABB - 2008 Demo


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