Monday, April 27, 2009

Assuck - Anticapital

Sound Pollution

Sometimes,an album is so good that you feel compelled to but it on multiple formats. Many factors contribute to such behavior, such as collectible fetishism, car and home stereos, and record-nerd vinyl completism. After all of the albums I've bought more than once over the years, I've noticed that these record tend to be remarkable achievements, considering the behavior they spawn. Anticapital is one of these records.

Florida's anti-everything grind champion Assuck earned its legendary status. The band incorporated metal techniques like harsh vocals and double-bass drumming into its political grindcore without falling into Napalm Death's trap of turning into a death metal band. Both Assuck and Napalm Death recorded at Tampa's infamous Morrisound Studio but Assuck never ended up on MTV. The band felt at home in the MRR/HaC style DIY scene and its message would have never flown in the mainstream. Unlike Rage Against the Machine, Assuck wasn't full of shit.

I bought my Anticapital LP at Austin's late, great Sound Exchange record store. A couple of years later, I saw the CD version for $8 at Austin's formerly great Waterloo Records. The CD version includes not only the amazing Anticapital LP but the Blindspot EP and three previously unreleased tracks. I've uploaded the CD version of this album and you can thank Sound Pollution Records for this radness. You're going to dig Anticapital so much that you'll be ordering your own copy before the end of the week. Better act fast, because Sound Pollution is closing down. This is highly recommended for everyone.

Assuck - Anticapital


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