Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oceano - Depths


Earlier today, musical genius/Huntsville weirdo Shane Doyle dropped this off over at the compound. Listening to this album, I applied my consistent, if slightly illogical, method of evalutating this modern breed of metal band. The bands of this style that I hate are deathcore. The bands I like are doomy-nu-metal-grind. Oceano plays doomy-nu-metal-grind.

Many of these new bands play the (now) standard Slipknot-meets-Napalm Death, deathcore approach, but not on Depths. Oceano ignores the typical by playing a fascinating mix of Korn, Trap Them and Suffocation. Oceano does play some deathcore riffs. That's going to happen but Oceano, like Iwrestledabearonce, is not bound by the limits of the subgenre. Oceano is adding to this sound, not leeching from it like so many others do.


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No Funeral said...

So, what's the final word on Oceano? I dig it, but it didn't rock my world like ABACABB did. Depths is a seriously popular download around these parts. However, I've read internet chatter about Oceano being sexist pricks. The Blabbermouth readers slammed the shit out of Depths, but how much does that really count?

So, what is the final word? The floor is yours...