Sunday, April 12, 2009

Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon

Every Time I Die
Gutter Phenomenon

Every Time I Die started life in Buffalo as a scene band. Beginning with the Hot Damn! album, the band’s sound began to evolve past mosh riffs. On 2005’s Gutter Phenomenon, Every Time I Die is a bizarre amalgamation of Botch, the Eagles of Death Metal, Unbroken and Thin Lizzy. Yeah, it’s weird. As far as Every Time I Die’s oft-touted Southern Rock influence, I don’t hear it. Some of the heavier moments from the Murder City Devils are present, but nothing that sounds like the Allman Bros. or Lynard Skynard.

Every Time I Die is no band of trendy, pretender chumps. The rhythm section and the rhythms of the songs are all steeped in an infectious boogie reminiscent of Black Flag and Kyuss. The breakdowns on the album are given plenty of breathing room and they sound more like something Drowningman would play as opposed to anything modern.

Speaking of old Hydra Head bands, Every Time I Die reminds me of Cave In; not is sound but in spirit. Nothing on Gutter Phenomenon sounds forced or, even worse, “false.” If nothing else, Every Time I Die has an interesting take on metalcore. I enjoyed it immensely.

Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon


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