Sunday, April 12, 2009

Skinless – Foreshadowing Our Demise

Foreshadowing Our Demise

Skinless plays brutal death metal but with several abnormalities. Like Suffocation before them, Skinless incorporates hardcore breakdowns and tons of mosh riffs into its music. Like Mortician before them, Skinless uses a movie sample to kick-start almost every song. Unlike Mortician, Skinless isn’t limited to just horror movies. Skinless uses movie and TV samples in the same way as artists like White Zombie and Skrew. Listen for the WWE’s Vince McMahon to kick off “The Optimist.”

Although they stick with many of the genre’s conventions, Skinless is an imaginative and highly enjoyable death metal band. Maniac vocalist Sherwood Webber was still in the band at this point and performed lead vocals on this album. If you’ve been reading No Funeral since the format change (1Jan09-present), then you will love Foreshadowing Our Demise. A strange combination of traditionalism (not nostalgia) and experimentation produced the single best metal album ever released on Relapse.

Skinless – Foreshadowing Our Demise


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