Monday, April 13, 2009

Impaled – Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts

Bay Area degenerates Impaled are one of the best gore-grind bands. With Carcass as the single biggest inspiration in the gore-grind subgenre, it’s easy to see how bands end up becoming poor-quality copies of Carcass. Impaled avoids this trap by not sucking (which, apparently, is a lot to ask) and by adding enough West Coast grind violence to make things interesting.

Choice Cuts is a collection of vinyl rarities from Impaled’s early years. Featured on the CD are two separate two-song demos, the “From Here to Colostomy” EP, Impaled’s side of the split 7” with Engorged and Carcass and Impetigo covers. The sound quality on the different EPs is consistent throughout. To top things off, the cover art was created by bassist Ross Sewage and guitarist Sean McGrath. Choice Cuts is mandatory for fans of all things blood-soaked.

Impaled - Choice Cuts


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