Friday, April 10, 2009

D.R.I. – Full Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead

D.R.I.’s later albums aren’t given the same reverence as the band’s early work, and that’s a shame. The metal/punk public wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss albums like 1995’s Full Speed Ahead if it wasn’t so too-cool-for-school. Fortunately, tunnel vision such as this doesn’t affect the open-minded.

It may not be as fast like Dealing With It but Full Speed Ahead still has D.R.I.’s patented brand of raging thrash. Lyrically, Kurt Brecht is as sharp as ever, tackling the issues of life and death. Brecht even covers the ill-fated Donner Party on "They Don't Care." The album does have some Pantera-sounding riffs but these are not employed in some sort of cheap gimmick or tactic. D.R.I. has had a serious metal influence for years. Again, it may not be as punk as the earlier material but Full Speed Ahead is another solid album in the D.R.I. catalog.

D.R.I. – Full Speed Ahead


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