Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unholy Grave/Pretty Little Flower – split EP

Unholy Grave/Pretty Little Flower
Split EP
Rescued from Life/Psycho Wolf

Somehow, a grindcore apocalypse got pressed onto 7” wax. Japanese, anti-terrorism grind-freaks Unholy Grave rage through five tracks of hyper-fast thrash grind. Houston grind maniacs Pretty Little Flower cover an Unholy Grave song and blast through three originals, mostly about rednecks and paranoia. This is an ultra-rare, early release by Psycho Wolf, so good luck finding a copy. I bought mine at an Insect Warfare show a million years ago. Terrorism really has Unholy Grave bummed out. Don’t they have bud in Japan? This is highly recommended for all grinders and thrashers.

Unholy Grave/ Pretty Little Flower – split EP


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