Friday, March 27, 2009

Remembering Never – God Save Us

Remembering Never
God Save Us

I listened to God Save Us immediately after reviewing The Oath that Keeps Me Free and I was struck by the similarities between the two bands. Remembering Never and Earth Crisis are both vegan, straight-edge bands, but it runs deeper than that. Both bands play metal-influenced hardcore, with Remembering Never leaning close to pure hardcore than Earth Crisis.

While both bands are heavier than Oprah, Remembering Never amps up the intensity even more than Earth Crisis. Remembering Never’s love of Tupac Shakur is mentioned multiple times in the liner notes. The Tupac influence isn’t musical or even lyrical. Instead, the band borrowed Tupac’s humorless artistic focus. God Save Us (like pre-All Eyes on Me Tupac) is not good-time party music.

Lyrically, Remembering Never tackles heavy subjects like suicide and animal liberation. Musically, they play like a faster Hatebreed with shades of Burnt by the Sun. Listen to God Save Us if you want to get beaten up by your headphones.

Remembering Never – God Save Us


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