Saturday, March 28, 2009

Isis – The Mosquito Control EP

The Mosquito Control EP
Escape Artist

If you’re only familiar with newer Isis material like In the Absence of Truth, this one is going to shock you. The Mosquito Control EP features the intricate melancholy of strange hardcore bands like Kiss It Goodbye with the crushing heaviness of Christdriver and mid-period Neurosis. There’s nothing on this EP that’s even remotely “Tool-like.” Personally, I prefer the sound of earlier Isis material like this record and The Red Sea (coming soon) and I wished they had kept pushing in this direction. “Poison Eggs” is one of my single favorite songs ever. The Mosquito Control EP is recommended for reefer-heads and folks who know what’s up.

This was requested at the behest of No Funeral writer DC the Medic. He said that he needed to hear something heavy because life in the ATX has got him down. Look what you Austin posers have reduced him too!

Isis – The Mosquito Control EP


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