Monday, March 2, 2009

Leviathan – A Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

A Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

Look! It’s a one-man black metal project that doesn’t suck out loud! Not only is Leviathan a good one-man project, it’s a good USBM album. Of course, when that one man is frequent SUNNO))) collaborator and all-purpose maniac Wrest, you can’t go wrong.

Most USBM bands screw up by deviating from the Norwegian blueprint. The key differences between America and Norway are philosophical. It turns out that America has less religious oppression than Norway (really). If you’re going to make black metal, it better be Norwegian-influenced. Otherwise, it would be like trying to make a rap album that isn’t influenced by U.S. rap. It can’t be done; not well anyway.

Leviathan breaks the rules by following them. For instance, the tastefully used keyboards don’t sound like something from the Conan soundtrack. The guitar and bass performances are frost-bitten and the vocals are blasphemous. Can you believe that this dude lives in LA? Recommended for people who haven’t listened to a black metal album since Sons of Northern Darkness.

Leviathan – A Massive Conspiracy Against All Life


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