Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pig Destroyer – Live in Grand Rapids

Pig Destroyer
Live in Grand Rapids
27 July 2007

For Pig Destroyer, a band that doesn’t tour, playing outside of its native Washington D.C. area is indeed a rarity. Generally, the only way to see this amazing band live is to live on the East Coast or to attend one of the large metal festivals held around the country. If you’re like me and you don’t have the disposable cash to jet off to Philly for the weekend, I’ve got the next best thing.

This is a high-quality live recording of Pig Destroyer’s set at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Mich. The set list is pretty cool, considering this was a show in the summer of 2007. It’s mostly songs from Prowler in the Yard and the split EPs that became Painter of Dead Girls. In other words, it’s Pig Destroyer dishing out grizzled, old hate. I can’t tell if the fourth member (keyboards) is playing with them or if the samples are being run from the soundboard (or wherever). If anyone knows for sure, please, leave a comment and enlighten us all. For as much as you maniacs have loved Terrifyer, you folks should freak over this. Come ‘n get it.

Pig Destroyer – Live in Grand Rapids


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