Sunday, March 15, 2009

Candiria – 300 Percent Density

300 Percent Density
Century Media

Brooklyn’s Candiria was once poised to take over the metalcore world. That did and didn’t happen but, either way, 300 Percent Density was the band’s crowning achievement. Much has been made about Candiria’s jazz influence and rightly so. The full-on NYC hip-hop incorporated into mosh-tastic hardcore without even a hint of any Limp Bizkit-isms is truly something to behold. Hell, Candiria is the only band to pull this off (sorry E-Town). I sort of feel dirty for calling them a hardcore band, like it's demeaning to the band's abilities. Candiria is so much more. The musicianship on this album is stellar. 300 Percent Density is an album that history won’t forget. Am I comparing it to a timeless classic, unappreciated in its own time; like Moby Dick? Kinda...

If you’re tracking down Candiria’s hate, it’s 300 Percent Density and The Process of Self Development (which will be coming here soon, stay tuned). Everything that happened to Candiria after this record, including the music they released, is yet another rock and roll tragedy. Let’s not think about devastating van wrecks, shady record labels and lawsuits right now. You can read about that later. Let’s just enjoy the unfuckwithable radness that is 300 Percent Density. Highly recommended.

Candiria – 300 Percent Density


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