Monday, March 2, 2009

Iwrestledabearonce - S/T EP

Tragic Hero

This band defies classification. They remind me of Faith No More; not is sound, but in spirit. Listening to this EP brings back memories of listening to The Real Thing at 13. No one sounds like this. If you want something “new”, then look no further. Iwrestledabearonce isn’t the first band to marry metal and electronic influences. Remember Big Black, Nine Inch Nails and the rest? However, this band does have a fresh take on it.

Starting with the metal side of the equation, there is some Zappa-esque weirdness, courtesy of newer Dillinger Escape Plan, coupled with the modern tech-metal of Beneath the Massacre and the Faceless. Using my definition of deathcore (flat-brimmed-hat wigger bullshit) Iwrestledabearonce is not deathcore. They’re heavy and weird (which is good), but then it gets weirder.

Iwrestledabearonce’s electronic side is what separates them from the pack. Vocalist Krysta’s harsh vocals are so mad but her clean vocals are a mix of Madonna and Ultra Violence that totally, totally works. The real shock on this EP is that the slower, techno parts aren’t completely keyboard-driven. Plus, they groove like the Commodores before returning to grinding your face off. Iwrestledabearonce has a new full-length coming out this spring. The S/T EP is highly, highly recommended. 666 thumbs up!

Iwrestledabearonce – S/T EP


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Louisville Joe said...

Thats a pretty good definition of deathcore.