Friday, March 6, 2009

As Eden Burns - The Grand Celestial Delusion

As Eden Burns
The Grand Celestial Delusion

Houston’s own As Eden Burns hits the metal big time with The Grand Celestial Delusion, the band’s Willowtip debut. These guys play melodic death metal that comfortably resides on the corner of At The Gates Ave. and The Black Dahlia Murder Blvd.

While it won’t destroy you with its earth-shattering originality, The Grand Celestial Delusion will impress you with its proficiency and craftsmanship. As Eden Burns does tend to get lost in noodly-scale-riff hell. This is a very young band still consumed by its influences. Once the band finds its own voice, watch the fuck out. Darkest Hour would be wise to start checking over its collective shoulder. This is a solid debut.

As Eden Burns – The Grand Celestial Delusion



Anonymous said...

nice imma have to check this one out fo sho. also you are you going to chaos in tejas? cock sparrer, judgement,annihilation time, cro-mags, and fucking amebix!!! are playing plus the shit load of other bands and also this will peligro social's last show

No Funeral said...

I'm going now that I know Amebix and Annihilation Time are playing. I bet Hatred Surge will play. I'm seeing them at SXSW.

Anonymous said...

hell ya me and the homie from san anton planning on rollin greyhound to see that show if you going would love to drink a beer with ya