Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Noothgrush – Live @ KZSU

Live @ KZSU

I have a soft spot for doom/sludge bands that can pull it off live. Some bands are bound to their gear (looking at you SUNN) or are simply not compelling in the live setting. Seeing Thrones live sounds like a terrible idea, no matter how cool the records are.

Noothgrush brings it live and this recording is a testament to the band’s radness. Recorded at Stanford’s KZSU station, Noothgrush sounds like a less-Sabbathy, West Coast version of Eyehategod with an appropriate mix of old Kylesa and the dirge tendencies of Earth. Plus, you’ve got to love their epic take on Celtic Frost.

Noothgrush – Live @ KZSU


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Hurt said...

Thanks for posting this!!! I am downloading now, cant wait to listen.