Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Madball – Hold it Down

Hold it Down

This unstoppable hate was the last album recorded with the old Madball line-up. Guitarist Matt Henderson and drummer John Lafatta left the band in 2001. The next/current Madball line-up, beginning with the NYHC EP, is different enough from this version of the band to draw a distinction. With that in mind, I view Hold it Down as the bookend of Madball’s early period.

Hold it Down continues with the classic Madball sound of hip-hip-tinged NYHC. Unlike most bands, Madball’s hip-hop influence is actually musical and not aesthetic. It’s the same vibe that Trapped Under Ice has right now. Plus, “Show No Fear” is the meanest song ever written. Highly recommended; like you don't know already.

Madball – Hold it Down


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