Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABACABB – Survivalist


On the first spin, Survivalist sounds like more deathcore idiocy. Upon closer inspection, ABACABB is a band breaking out of its deathcore shell and moving in a different direction. Survivalist, the band’s debut full-length, does fall into some of the deathcore trappings like too many breakdowns and overuse of the Suffocation blastbeat.

ABACABB shines when they play technical metalcore. The more rocking and complex riffs on the album sound like early Fear Factory fronted by Ray Mazzola of Full Blown Chaos. When ABACABB plays like this, those dumbass, noodly, scale-run-through, Guitar Hero riffs magically disappear. Now if they would just disappear entirely. The point is that Survivalist is an above-average deathcore album from a band that will (hopefully) get better with time. File this under “The next album is going to rule.” This one is good too.

Also, the band’s name (pronounced Ab-a-cabb) was the blood code on Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis.

ABACABB - Survivalist


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