Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cattle Decapitation – Karma Bloody Karma

Cattle Decapitation
Karma Bloody Karma
Metal Blade

Cattle Decapitation matured on this record. Karma Bloody Karma sounds like it could have been an early 90s Earache release. Gone are the tongue-in-cheek Locust-isms that plagued the band’s early material. Earnest, technical, punishing grindcore has replaced them.

Obviously, Carcass plays a huge role in the Cattle Decapitation sound. Unlike most Carcass-worshiping grind bands, who immaturely cling to the medical aspects of the band’s lyrics, Cattle Decapitation has embraced Carcass’ ironic vegan stance. Like Carcass, the members of Cattle Decapitation are vegans and the band’s lyrics take aim at animal cruelty and the unhealthy American diet. Also, guitarist Troy Oftedal’s playing is clearly inspired that Carcass’ Bill Steer. Cattle Decapitation is a genre-leading band, pushing grind into new directions. Karma Bloody Karma is highly recommended for the intellectually curious.

Cattle Decapitation – Karma Bloody Karma


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