Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dysrhythmia – Pretest


Pretest is Steve Albini-engineered, instrumental weirdness from Philly’s Dysrhythmia. I guess the best reference point is Black Flag’s instrumental masterpiece The Process of Weeding Out. Indeed, this band has a serious hard-on for Black Flag but I hear more. I imagine that Dysrhythmia has just as much love for Greg Ginn as for Black Flag. I can clearly hear the influence of Confront James, Gone, and Ginn’s nine million other solo acts.

That’s what Pretest sounds like. Apart from the Black Flag factor, this album is more in line with other contemporary instrumental acts like Pelican and Houston’s To Scale the Summit. Pretest doesn’t sound like anything from the 70s (thank the Lord). “My Relationship” almost sounds like a down-tuned Minutemen song and, not coincidentally, it’s the shortest song on the album. People into AmRep and Touch & Go stuff will dig this.

Dysrhythmia - Pretest


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