Saturday, March 28, 2009

Phobia – Means of Existence

Means of Existence
Slap-a-Ham/Deep Six

March almost ended without this month’s dose of Phobia. To make up for that oversight, here’s the masterpiece from these SoCal grind terrorists. Means of Existence is beginning-to-end tough. On this record, Phobia incorporates samples into the songs in addition to using samples as bumpers between songs; which I love. It’s one of the best grind albums ever made. That phrase gets thrown around so much, but it’s actually true here. If you were to rank every grind album ever made, Means of Existence is in the top five.

Record collectors should probably skip this paragraph. I had the original, Slap-a-Ham pressing of this CD but I lost the case once-upon-a-time while moving. The Slap-a-Ham CD is a $100+ eBay item; for the CD! The original LP is so expensive, only the five richest kings of Europe can afford a copy. I still have the actual CD. In fact, the original CD was the one that got ripped to the site. In spite of this loss, everything worked out. A few years later, I snapped up the picture disc reissue on Deep Six Records at the mighty Vinyl Edge Records in Houston. I love this album and you will too.

Phobia – Means of Existence


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