Monday, March 2, 2009

Orchid - Totality

Clean Plate

I really enjoy Orchid’s brand of chaotic screamo. The self-titled LP and Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow are genre classics. Totality is a discography CD and, as with all discography CDs, the quality of the songs varies wildly. This isn’t a result of production issues. Orchid never really had that problem. No, this is a case where some of the songs are clearly superior to the others.

The first nine songs are good but they verge on being indistinguishable. “Mean SOB” (track 10) is the first song on the album with some juevos. I understand that Orchid is emo-influenced but there’s a fine line between emotional and whiny. For my money, the most emotionally powerful songs, like “Consumed”, happen when they stop with the sensitive shit. When I say sensitive, I mean the riffs that sound like Mineral’s leftovers. I like it better when Orchid inhabits the space once occupied by As the Sun Sets.

Orchid – Totality



Anonymous said...

been wantin to hear more of these guys ty

No Funeral said...

More Orchid is on the way. The S/T LP is really, really good.

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