Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Nachos – Punish and Destroy

Weekend Nachos
Punish and Destroy

Alright! Someone is keeping the Infest fire burning and that someone is Weekend Nachos. Even though they're from Chicago, they play the classic style of West Coast power violence. No, Punish and Destroy doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s so nice to hear a modern band play this style correctly; especially when so many other do not.

There’s more to Punish and Destroy than just the Infest love. I hear some Obituary-inspired riffing in there, as well as fleeting moments that are reminiscent of Brutal Truth. That said, the singer and drummer of Weekend Nachos both take all of their cues from Infest. Punish and Destroy is recommended for Infest fans. Otherwise, check out Infest first and then get Weekend Nachos. Infest.

Weekend Nachos – Punish and Destroy


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