Thursday, January 1, 2009

Impetigo - Ultimate Mondo Cannibale

Ultimate Mondo Cannibale
Wild Rags

Holy shit. Remember Wild Rags?

Anyway, Impetigo has always been lumped into the death metal category and, frankly, I don't hear it. They sound like a fastcore band that has gore lyrics. It sounds more like Lethal Aggression or the Japanese 625 bands than something like Deicide. That said, Steve-O definitely comes from the Killjoy/Necrophagia school of vocals: sloppy and fucked up.

Ultimate Mondo Cannibale more than compensates for it's lack of "brutality" with its influential status. Impetigo wrote the sample-then-blast playbook that Mortician and so many other follow. It rules, but I still call it fastcore; with the buzzsaw guitars, whirlwind drums and distorted bass. If Impetigo is death metal, then so is Flesh Parade. You be the judge.

Impetigo - Ultimate Mondo Cannibale

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John said...

Just because it doesn't sound like Deicide doesn't mean it isn't death metal.

Yes, Ultimo is more of a Death/Grind album than pure death metal but Horror of the Zombies is the most pure death metal album ever made and it is more deathlier, heavier, uglier, and filthier than this modern crap (Origin, Hate Eternal, Blood Red Throne, etc.) that's out now.

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale was a very extreme record and more extreme and brutal than any band that came out after them. If Ultimo had today's production, you too, would agree.

Impetigo sound nothing like Flesh Parade.