Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bleeding Through – Declaration

Bleeding Through

Declaration is better than The Truth and on-par with This is Love, This is Murderous. Brendan isn’t nearly as whiny on this one and the lame emo vocals are kept to a minimum. New guitarist Jona Weinhofen, from I Killed the Prom Queen, shreds and Marta’s keyboard performance really shines. She’s clearly become one of Bleeding Through’s driving creative forces since replacing what’s-her-name-that-couldn’t-play years ago. It's always nice to see a veteran band maintain a certain level of excellence.

My only true complaint with the record is the 300 sample. Coupled with the previous Boondock Saints samples and it’s clear that Bleeding Through has shitty taste in movies. I blame it on them being from suburban Los Angeles. No one is So Cal knows what a good movie is. Have you seen the shit that Hollywood releases?

Bleeding Through – Declaration


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