Friday, January 2, 2009

Hatred Surge - Collection 2005-07

Hatred Surge
Collection 2005-07

In the future (you know… now), this is the purpose CDs will serve: this disc collects all of the out-of-print Hatred Surge vinyl, primarily the material that Alex Hughes recorded as a one-man project. The 2004 Demo, the 625 EP, the RFL 5”, the splits with Insect Warfare and the Endless Blockade and four compilation tracks are gathered together for Collection 2005-07, in all of their monstrous, grind-violence glory.

If you’re not hip to the Hatred Surge sound, it’s grind-crushery mixed with soul-killing sludge and an extreme Despise You fetish. Along with the Endless Blockade and Iron Lung, Hatred Surge is the leader in modern power violence. It’s music that is simultaneously elegant and deranged. Of the cuts on this CD (available through the Hatred Surge e-store), I’m partial to the Debut EP. These maniacs are just getting started.


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